Our Story

iHoverboard is specialised in hoverboards for personal transportation and is owned and operated by SHENZHEN XINCHENG E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED. It is responsible for supplier coordination. iHoverboard is a Cross-border Electronic Commerce company that focus on operates under its own brand name. Main categories to hoverboard products, mainly through the Amazon and other third-party cross-border platform and self-marketing products will be sold all over the US.

Who We Are

We were established in 2016, always adhere to its own brand of product operations as the core, through continuous improvement of the IT system will be product data development options, supply chain management, quality control, warehousing logistics and operations and other aspects of efficient combination, For the US consumer to provide innovative, stable and reliable quality products and consumers satisfied with the service.


Our engineers and the R&D team are highly motivated by the challenges they face while developing state-of-the-art hoverboards. iHoverboard’s name today resonates across the US thanks to all our customers and it inspires our team to thrive and provide the best experience of riding hoverboards.

iHoverboard’s product line comprises teenager-friendly hoverboards as well as models that fulfils the urges of hardcore hoverboard riders. Our highly experienced team of engineers are constantly developing new technologies to improve the riding experience by implementing unique features.


Aftersales team based in US allows users to utilized all the warranty services locally. Our dedicated customer support can be reached via phone call or email for your convenience.

Everything you hate about commuting Solved.

Say goodbye to traffic, delays, and uncertainty. With a lightweight hoverboard, you can hop in the bike lane and on local streets and get wherever you need to go faster than ever before. Designed with portability and stowability in mind, these vehicles provide ultimate versatility in urban, suburban, and campus environments.